Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Experience A Better Cloud

DiskStation Manager is an intuitive web-based operating syste. It’s been designed to help you manage your data: documents, photos, music, videos and all other important forms of digital assets. With DiskStation Manager, it’s more than just storing data. DSM offers a various range of applications and services to bring more entertainment to your home life as well as better productivity at work.

Enjoy 24/7 File Accessibility

The ability for users to access and share digital files is the core functionality of a NAS. Thanks to its great compatibility with Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®, DiskStation is the best medium for any types of file storage and exchange.

Cloud & File Syncing

The majority of people now switch between multiple devices every day, resulting in a dramatic increase in the popularity of cloud storage. Sometimes our entire productive life — working reports, notes, references — relies on the cloud, meaning we need a cost-efficient, high-capacity yet absolutely private cloud solution more than ever.

Increase productivity in the cloud era

The way people collaborate and get things done is evolving rapidly, introducing opportunities to transform how we work together. We provide exciting new productivity tools — for mail, spreadsheets, and notes — so you can achieve more with anyone and anywhere, while maintaining complete control and privacy. It's your hard work. You should own it. 

The All-in-One Server Fitted for Every Use

NAS solutions have been designed to help you manage your digital assets. There is a suite of added-value packages to facilitate business daily life, flexible administrative options, as well as tools to secure your DiskStation and valuable data.

Trustworthy data backup for all situations

We all have data that we don’t want to lose. That’s why you should make DiskStation as a backup destination. Your files will always be available.

Secure your data and maintain server availability

In businesses where 24/7 service is paramount, DSM offers series of high availability and security measures to safeguard you from unexpected server disruption and data loss.

Anytime anywhere entertainment

Whether it is live TV shows or songs stored in DiskStation, enjoy seamless streaming anytime anywhere. It’s an ideal online album to store and share pictures with your loved ones.

Customize it all with Packages

DiskStation Manager is an open source platform with a variety of packages, making your DiskStation fit into any kind of environment. From being a hi-definition multimedia center, to an all-purpose business server, there is a package to meet your requests.

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