Coin Mining Rigs

Coin Mining Rigs

*FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all Custom-Built Computers $799+

DreamNet has extensive knowledge and expertise building custom computers for BTC Crypto Currency Mining. We take care and pride in every custom Coin Mining rig we build.

DreamNet Computers has U.S. based technical support to help resolve your issues thoroughly and within a timely manner. We know how important it is to get your rig back up and running as soon as possible.

Every DreamNet custom-built rig is thoroughly tested to minimize any performance issues. We want you to be up and running without any problems as soon as you un-box your new Coin Mining rig.

All rigs are custom-built using only name-brand high quality parts and components to ensure maximum performance today and beyond.

All DreamNet custom-built Coin Mining rigs are backed by a full 1-year warranty which includes parts and labor.