Data Recovery

Data Recovery

DreamNet Computers can help you recover your data in most instances for only $199.00 or less

  • Hard Drives
  • SSD's
  • USB Flash Drives
  • SD Cards
  • CF Cards

Don't spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a clean-room recovery service if it is not necessary

  • Is your drive not being recognized by your computer?
  • Did you accidentally delete your files?
  • Is your drive making a clicking sound or no sound at all?
  • Did you accidentally break your USB flash drive?

Contact us now... we can help!

We also have a password recovery service if you have a system that you cannot get into because you forgot your password.

Every situation is different so please contact us for more information. Diagnostics is free.

We have clean-room options available if necessary, so contact us before you bring it to anyone else.

Stop by or call to discuss your specific circumstances and we can give you an estimate. Prices range from $99.00 - $199.00

If we cannot recover your data there is no charge.